current training

I have used 1,2 & 3 as the basis of my current weekly training programme.

Plus 2 bike sessions and 1 strength-based workout.

then add 1 swim, another strength work out and possibly longer bike session.

To finally reach

Monday am strength workout (home-based/body weight based)  eve swim (technique minimum 1000m)

Tuesday am 10 x 1 min reps 1 min rest

Wednesday  am 20 min run 30 min bike 10 min run (increasing at least one by 5 mins each week)

Thursday  am 3 min at 4`30 pace 1 min at 4`10 pace x 2  6 mins rest repeat (increase to 5 min + 3 min gradually)

Friday am strength workout  REST DAY

Saturday am 3 x 1k at 4`15 pace 3-5 mins rest between   or   race (parkrun/xc)

Sunday am 1 hour bike 15 min run (increase if ok)  or  longer ride

This will be my specific training for A race – 8th March Dambuster Duathlon 10k run/40k bike/5k run in addition

2 x parkrun

2 x local xc races (Sunday 12th Jan 10k 53`33 Allestree Park)

northern xc champs (Saturday 25th Jan 12k 67`32 Knowsley Safari Park)

national xc champs (Saturday 22nd Feb 12k Wollaton Park)


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