Couch to Ultra (final post?)

10 Ways That Running Changes Your Mind and Brain

Things to consider when planning to run a race


  1. Time
  2. Distance
  3. Shoes
  4. Vest
  5. Hydration
  6. Running
  7. Create Muscle
  8. Weather
  9. None of above
  10. Part time work
  11. No responsibility
  12. Or someone to do them for you
  13. Fitness
  14. Diet
  15. Coaching
  16. Agility
  17. Flexibility
  18. Massage
  19. Mindfulness
  20. Meditation
  21. Focus
  22. Mindset
  23. Breathing
  24. Attitude
  25. Belief
  26. Values


You could take any one, in isolation, and focus on it.

You could say one or more matters more than the rest.

You could think only time is important.

But remember only one person usually wins and has best time.

However many people finish behind them.

The majority are an array of humankind.


The winner is idolised, gets offers, is probably a ’professional’, wins prize, etc.

The values winning says are more important than second, third, etc.


So in my humble opinion my training for an ultra has helped me understand humanity not running. Follow the crowd and aim for time. Alternatively start at 26 and move up the list slowly and be surprised at the outcome.


Not all is as it appears.


To finish is to win. 😎


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